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Les Freres Marchands Cheese Tasting :: Lorraine Region vs Pyrenees Mountains

September 22 2018 · Follow: Facebook, Instagram

Have you heard of the "Les Freres Marchand" Cheese Masters? 
You'll be blown away by their selection of perfectly matured cheeses from around France and Europe. 
Come sample 4 kinds of cheese from the Lorraine region and 4 varieties from the mountains of the Pyrenees at $28++

Read more about the Marchand Brothers: The Story Of A Family

Where: Bar-A-Thym Restaurant
Date: Saturday, September 29th
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Reservations: 6737 3388 




Four Hands Dinner At The Tower Club with Chef Frank Kilian & Guest Chef Francois Mermilliod

September 13 2018 · Follow: Facebook, Instagram


Where: Atlantic, Tower Club
Date: Friday, 26 October
Time: 7 pm
Reservations: 6737 3388



To ensure that our members and guests enjoy  a wonderful dining experience, kindly take note of the  following:

Tower Club Dress Code
Smart Casual/Elegant, strictly no casuals.  Please take note that members and guests in T-Shirts, Torn Jeans, Shorts, Sandals and Slippers will not be admitted.

Mobile Phone
All mobile devices are to be adjusted to silent mode while in the Club premises.

Child Policy
The Club is strictly not accessible to children under the age of 12 during lunch hours from Monday to Friday. Children under the age of 12, accompanied by an adult are most welcome on Saturday. For the safety of children, there is strictly no running while in Club premises.


Bar-A-Thym Celebrates Three!

August 28 2018 · Follow: Facebook, Instagram


It's our 3rd Anniversary! Join us for an evening of unbridled revelry - with lots of good food, wine and special performances
to keep you entertained through the night.

Tel: 6557 2224


Bar-A-Thym's Signature Morisseau Mussels

August 18 2018 · Follow: Facebook, Instagram

Bouchot mussels from Mont Saint-Michel Bay in Normandy, France are a gastronomic specialty of the region with
their AOP and AOC status. Characterized by their black shells and orangey-yellow flesh, the taste is delightfully briny,
unctuous and sweet. 

A seasonal produce, it’s available at Bar-A-Thym from July to October. To avoid disappointment,
reserve a table and place your order in advance.


Phone: +65 6557 2224
Email: reservations@bar-a-thym.sg

See you soon at Bar-A-Thym!

Vodka Laplandia Night at Bar-A-Thym, Friday 17

August 16 2018 · Follow: Facebook, Instagram

Another Round Of Drinks Please!

August 10 2018 · Follow: Facebook, Instagram

Bar-A-Thym’s Alcohol Promotions For The Month Of August
30% OFF on our House-pours and Beers.
Monday - Thursdays : 5pm-8pm
All Night Long on Saturdays!!!
For Lunch/Dinner reservations,
Please call 6557 2224 or email: reservations@bar-a-thym.sg


Celebrate Bastille Day with Us

July 07 2018 · Follow: Facebook, Instagram