On the whole, Bar a Thym is a solid, sturdy, steady restaurant that toes the line. It is well-rounded in all areas: ambience (French pop songs); eclectic decor (different from the blah industrial chic); service (polite, knowledgable, friendly but not obsequious); and food (hearty and satisfying, although hardly surprising). We paid $90 for two.

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A. Nathanael Ho.

This is where I tend to bring visitors from out of town or business associates.
Fresh, creative dishes prepared with care.

Sit down and say “feed me chef” you will not be disappointed.

James Johnson rated 5 stars

Hungry Go Where

I first visited Bar-a-Thym during the dog days of the haze in September last year. I never got around to writing a review of that meal, in part because I was lazy and mostly because the PSI reading that night was around 270. Every time the sliding door slid open (which was more often than I would have liked), I caught a most unwelcome nostrilful of Sumatran arômes de fumée. I did enjoy the evening despite all that, and the cooking of chef-owner Francois Mermilliod (ex-Absinthe and Flutes at the Fort) showed a lot of promise. When my friend, the winegrower Marc Beyer of the renowned Maison Leon Beyer in Alsace said he was visiting Singapore, I decided a return visit was in order.

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Julian’s Eating

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Paradoxical French food so good, you’ll be back for more – I’m not bullshitting you.

Standing at 18 Gemmil Lane (taking over now defunct WOLF’s – nose-to-tail dining restaurant) is Bar-A-Thym, a modern French and Mediterranean restaurant serving honest to good food and wine (oh their lovely bottles), worth burning a hole in your pocket.

And no, Bar-A-Thym is not a bar.

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In the almost two decades that chef Francois Mermilliod has been in Singapore, I have not had one disappointing meal cooked by him. And I’ve tasted his cooking many times.

The Frenchman came to Singapore in the 1990s as sous chef of the now-defunct Salut restaurant, then became the head chef at Au Petit Salut, Duo, Flutes on the Fort and his last stop, Absinthe, where he spent the past six years. Two weeks ago, he opened his own restaurant, Bar-A-Thym, in Gemmill Lane, with partners that include The Prive Group. It takes over the space vacated by Wolf, a nose-to-tail restaurant owned by The Prive Group that closed down recently.

Mermilliod has been consistently good. His French cooking is contemporary, but he never tries to be trendy or gimmicky. It is no different at Bar-A-Thym.

Bar-A-Thym is a play on the French word “baratin” – which means sweet talk – and focuses on cooking on a plancha, a flat-top grill that looks and works like a teppanyaki grill.

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Wong Ah Yoke