Business Lunch

Monday to Friday
11:45am to 2:30pm
Located conveniently on
18 Gemmill Lane
(a few minutes walk from Raffles
Bar-A-Thym is the
perfect place for business
luncheons and cosy lunches
with friends and family.

Omakase menu starts from $60++

Bar-A-Thym Luncheon $38++

Slow Cooked Organic Egg, Butternut Pumpkin Velouté, Wild Garlic & Croutons

Marinated Sustainable Yellow Fin Tuna, Banyuls Vinegar, Pomegranate & Herbs

Eggplant Caviar, Brocolini, White Peach & Anchovy Bagna Cauda

Focaccia, Homemade Ricotta, White Asparagus & Noix de Jambon ($6)


Iberico Pork Belly, Burnt French Beans, Spicy Daterrini Tomato & Coriander

Seared Snapper, Warm Chick Peas Hummus, Clams & Baby Spinach

Homemade Big Ravioles with Fava Beans, Sage, Parmesan & Dried Yolk

Wagyu Striploin MB6 (250g), Salad, Mash Potato & Sauce Diable ($16)


“Les Frères Marchands” Cheese Selection ($12)

Warm Manjari Chocolate Mousse, Black Olives Crumble & Olive Oil Sorbet

Homemade Brioche, Berries, Palm Sugar & Crème Fraiche

Verbena Panna Cotta, Green Cardamon Meringue, Strawberries & Almond Sablé